The majority of men listed as having prostatitis (prostatic inflammation/discomfort) more often than not have a symptom complex that is commonly stress-related and not due to an infection. This problem is more accurately called prostatodynia and is much more common than true chronic prostatitis or acute prostatitis, where antibiotics are necessary.

The majority of patients with prostatitis/prostatodynia will get better regardless of the antibiotic used or whether an antibiotic is used at all. The most effective treatment for these men is reassurance that they do not have cancer, an infection, or a venereal disease. In many of these men with various combinations of low back or perineal discomfort, urinary frequency, urgency, suprapubic and/or ejaculatory discomfort, burning or pressure, pelvic floor spasm is often the cause. This problem can respond to low-dose Diazepam 2-5 mg 3 times a day, alpha-blocking agents such as Hytrin or Cardura, or sitz baths.

Many men will tell you that their symptoms are often exacerbated after alcohol ingestion, bike riding, working out or eating spicy foods, or because of business pressures. These causes further highlight stress as a likely factor behind the symptom complex known as prostatitis/prostatodynia.

In most cases, men can minimize or prevent recurrences of the problem by recognizing the factors that bring it about.