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Men dealing with urologic conditions need a resource they can access to understand their diagnosis and the potential treatment options…

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While urology is commonly thought of as a field of medicine primarily for men, mainly because of the prevalence of…

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Children and of course babies,are unable to convey symptoms and the majority of the information leading to a diagnosis depends in a large part on a sound understanding….


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Urology Web is the leading source of urology information on the web. Here you will find accurate, unbiased medical information about a variety of urologic conditions, potential treatments, and ongoing research. The information provided by minimally invasive prostate cancer specialist, Dr. Bert Vorstman, will help you make an informed decision about your treatment options.
I applaud Dr. Vorstman for his excellent articles warning about the risks of surgery and challenging the urologist’s self generated claim that surgery is the gold standard for prostate cancer. An increasing number of health care providers are joining with Dr. Vorstman and recommending minimally invasive treatment of prostate cancer so that risks of side effects are kept low.

Harold H. Dawley, Jr., Ph.D.