Stop treating the fake Gleason 6 prostate cancer

DSC00588The Gleason 6 prostate “cancer” is NOT a real cancer.

Larry Klotz M.D. has shown irrefutably that the very common Gleason 6 prostate “cancer” is a not a real cancer for two fundamental reasons:
1. no man has died from this disease and,
2. this so-­called cancer lacks a number of molecular biological mechanisms typically found in cancerous behaving cells.

Furthermore, unlike a typical cancer cell, this cell has a very long doubling-­time at 475 +/­ 56 days so that from mutation to a growth of about 1 cm (under half an inch) in diameter takes some 40 years.
Therefore, because the Gleason 3+3=6 LACKS the hallmarks of a cancer, it is not a health­-risk, does not require detection and, does NOT require treatment.

Not indicated for any Gleason 6 disease is whole gland treatment with the debilitating and scientifically unproven robotic radical prostatectomy, radiation or proton beam. Also, focal therapy prostate cancer treatment options using cryoablation, NanoKnife, HIFU or, laser are unwarranted because the Gleason 6 is a pseudo-­cancer.

The Gleason 6 is a disease mis­labelled as a cancer.
Only the 15% or so of high­grade prostate cancers demand detection and treatment as only these types of prostate cancers are potentially lethal.
Prostate Cancer: Opinions Vary on Gleason Scores and Surgery, ASCO, June 10, 2016

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